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Tired of the bureaucracy associated with expatriate documentation and administration? StreSERT offers turnkey and end-to- end administrative solutions in Immigration Consulting, Expatriate Administration and Orientation under our Expatriate Management Service.

Immigration Consulting

Immigration processes are often not clearly expressed and can become complex; based on our in-depth knowledge of immigration policies,practice, procedures and its attendant protocols, we partner with our clients to ensure a hitch-free system that is fully compliant with the statutory provisions.Our registration and tracking system enable our clients to focus on their core service while we take care of the details of monitoring and ensuring expatriate documentation are processed in a timely manner.

Our Immigration Consulting services cover the following areas:

  • Expatriates quota New, Additional, Renewal Re-designation,Restoration and Upgrading to PUR status and Deletion from Quota
  • Subject To Regularization (STR)/CERPAC (Combined ExpatriateResident Permit And Alien Card)
  • Re-designation, Change of Employment
  • Temporary Work Permit/Extensions
  • Business/Visitors Visa, Extensions
  • ECOWAS Residence Card & Passport
  • Expatriates Monthly Returns/Process Review
  • General Advisory and Consulting

Expatriate Administration

We work with with offshore clients in the deployment and management of expatriates from engagement to payroll management, in compliance with statutory provisions.

We provide one-stop Human Resource solutions on behalf of offshore client organisations desiring a complete hands-off from the intricacies of managing payroll and other statutory labour requirements for expatriates engaged on contract outside their location.

Expatriate Orientation

StreSERT Services provides an up-to-date guide for first time expatriates and new entrants into the country; this is designed to ameliorate the challenges often associated with relocation. We work in conjunction with reputable and tested providers in sourcing for facilities for home and office, schools, furniture and other contingency required for complete and comfortable settlement.